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Franklin Square in a small town in New York. It's slapped in the middle of a bunch of giant towns in Nassau county. It has a movie theater, but no train station. Most people who live there are either elderly or "wangster" Most attend H. Frank Carey high school, and while the schools faculty means well, it's been taken over by the guido population, along with the rest of Nassau County. Most groups of guidos roam the streets (in huge packs of course) looking for trouble. Stand outside for a few short minutes and an expensive car blasting bad music is sure to drive by. There is one group of metalheads from this place, look on Franklin Avenue and Hempstead Turnpike for them, as they are frequently seen walking around singing or growling metal tunes and playing air instruments, or in some cases, real instruments. The town doesn't have too much to do, and if you have kids, teach them the anti-guido. However, you will never go hungry, as there are about 8 supermarkets in the general area, and the town is serviced by the N25 and the N6. Though not in Franklin Square, the area by H.Frank Carey High School and Washington Street school is known to be the worst place to go on Halloween. The town means well, but has failed to keep the guido population out.
Franklin Square, the square, that town that has nothing in it by West Hempstead, Guido central, that place with 100 supermarkets
by David Bert January 02, 2008

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