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1 definition by David "wendys" Thomas

1. On June 18, 2007, Wendy's switched the #4 combo from the Big Bacon Classic to the new "Baconator" in the United States. The sandwich comes with Mayo, Ketchup, 6 pieces of bacon , two 1/4lbs. patties, and two pieces of American cheese. In all other countries, this burger was made the combo #9.

2. The Baconator is known for giving people Asspucino aka bomb sauce aka jet ass aka spray mud aka Mekong River aka raging squits aka violent diarreah. Eat at your own risk.
Yo Joey, I ate a baconator from wendy's last night..big mistake, my ass spewed out lava all night long!
by David "wendys" Thomas August 18, 2007