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2 definitions by DarthLucin

Ironically, a place you go to lose your mind, not gain knowledge.

Nothing in the high schools ever work properly. The air conditioning only works during the coldest times of the year, and the heater only works in the hottest times of the year. You'd think the money that you use to pay for that crappy, overpriced food would solve this problem, but it really does jack shit.

For school lunch, you basically pay almost $3.00 to get two chicken nuggets the size of your pinky that taste stale, a carton of milk the size of your palm and are forced to pay for an Apple that isn't even edible because of how rotten it is, or alternatively, you can pay for some mixed fruit in a cup, that the immature jackasses at your table will just throw around anyway. These same people will also fly in like vultures and basically eat the majority of your food, leaving you with about 1 chicken nugget and half a carlton of milk for lunch. The only reason people even pay for this shit food is because they had nothing for breakfast. This is mainly because you don't get enough time in the morning to eat anything more than a Honey Bun or a Hot Pocket (if you really, really rush). Then the asshole teachers from 1st period will actually punish you for eating in class, while they have three donuts and some coffee from Dunkin Donuts on their desk.

To make matters worse, you are not allowed to have any electronic devices in class. Not only are you bored to your mind, learning useless information and doing meaningless work, but you are bored to your mind learning useless information, doing meaningless work, without any form of entertainment.

The staff is a mxied bag, with mostly pretentious assholes who believe school is the single most important ever, despite the fact that nothing really happens except unbearable torture and wasting of my precious time. There are some staff members that make a mostly grey and dull day, colorful. These teachers are far too few, and there should be more of these types instead of the boring 'everything by the book' types. Here's a summary of each department.

Math: Basically, the most worthless required class ever, outside of English. The later levels of this class are only for people who plan on being computer programmers and video game designers. Everyone else is left thinking 'how the hell is knowing quadratic formulas going to help me improve my writing skills' or something similar.

Science: Another useless required class. You either spend time learning incredibly obvious information, or information that even the most successful people don't know. It's a useful class for anybody that plans on gaining a degree in science. Anybody else will find knowing the anatomy of a bear worthless information.

English: The most useless class to date. If the teacher doesn't agree with you, you fail. No creativity is involved, it's all about being a sheep and using the big words the teacher taught you. They make you read books, most of which only serve the purpose of creating snobbish book elitists in society that can say they read so-and-so book and can continue to bash your favorite books.

History: While it isn't bad to know your history, some teachers will make you remember information about countries that people from that country don't even know. They cram dates and events down your head, in the hopes that you'll remember it all when you're just thinking 'Why would I want to know about an ancient civilization that doesn't even exist anymore?'

Foreign Language: You are taught to speak another language in a full year course. Computer programs has made these classes obsolete, since they can do it much faster, and you're not actually being forced to do it against your will. You're also not given 100 worksheets to do to make your arms fall off.

P.E.: The most unreasonable teachers in the entire school. The motto of the course is 'As long as your dress up and participate, then you pass.' And that statement is true. However, simply participating just gets you a C in the class. You have to be an athlete to get As or Bs in the class. Only future Michael Jordans can even hope to get high 90s in this course. The teachers will constantly scream or yell at you to do things faster, even if you were to have asthma or something similar. They will also make you run for long amounts of time for absolutely no reason.

The stereotypes of school are as follows:

Preps - People who basically kiss the school's ass by participating in every thing possible, from cheerleader, to student council. Usually dress in typical 'mallrat' fashions such as abercrombie and are extremely popular. They pretty much only date jocks. Some of them are really slutty.

Jocks - People that participate in school sports teams, usually more than just one team per school year. Are typically stupid and pick on nerds. They end up with the most girls per year and have 'playatastic' attitudes. Mostly wear jerseys.

Nerds - Smart, anti-social individuals that are into geek culture like trading card games. The arch-nemesis of the jock. These guys have a really strange dress code, that varies between different individuals.

Gangstas - Listen to a bunch a hip-hop music. Can be somebody of any race, but are mostly black and spanish people. They usually start fights in the hallways for really stupid reasons, and since everybody in high school is easily entertained, there will usually be a large crowd of people watching. This, of course, will make you late to your next class and your teacher will give you detention.

Wear baggy jeans and baseball caps.

Punk - People known for being skateboarders and of course, listening to punk music. Most have piercings and get in trouble a lot. Most of them wear long-sleeve shirts under short sleeve t-shirts.

Emo - Depressed emotionally, and tend to cry a lot. Some cut themselves. Usually complain about the world and how unfair it is. Wear black and usually have hair that hangs over one eye.

Goth - Just don't give a shit. Wear black clothes and spikey accessories.

Normal - Unfortunately, there are too few of these people, because everybody is a controlling prick. They usually joke a lot and make friends with other normal people, while there former friends became one of the above stereotypes and pretty much ignored them. Some normal are the cool-laid back type of people as well, who may or may not be pot smokers.

People are unfortunately, placed into these stereotypes and are not allowed to be individuals until college or at the end of senior year.

To end every schoolyear, teachers will force you to do some crappy summer assignment which pretty much is a summary of the entire school year: unnecessary, a waste of my time, and painful.
Person 1: "Why do you even still go to that prison they call High School?"

Person 2: "My parents and the government sentenced me to 4 years of it."
by DarthLucin August 31, 2009
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As if the fact that kids spend almost 10 months of their entire year stuck in some classroom, learning useless information and getting their rights and individuality stripped away wasn't enough torture, somebody thought it'd be a good idea to start off the kids' summer by essentially giving them a project. That is basically what a summer assignment is.

Most people that run these school systems are oblivious to the fact that: A) Kids are not going to magically become more literate by being forced to read some crappy novel B) Most kids don't even read the books they're given, instead relying on the internet (A.K.A. that thing that proved that school is 100% obsolete) to give them a quick summary of it, and doing their 5 page essay on that and C) Most kids would rather NOT think about school during the only time they have off.

It's almost similar to when they send you packets to do during Christmas Vacation, and you were too busy doing those to actually enjoy playing your new video game system (because homework packets make everybody feel jolly!). Except imagine them taking a bite out of your summer instead. That is what summer assignments are like.
Students: "3....2.....1!!!! Summer is finally here!!!!"
Teacher: "Enjoy your summer. By the way, don't forget to write that 10-page essay and complete your summer assignment while the rest of your family is at the pool actually doing something fun!"
by DarthLucin August 31, 2009
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