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A day where we saw the absolute worst of humanity. As well as a day where we saw the greatest aspects of humanity. A day where for far too short of a time in American history we casted aside all of our differences, our prejudices, as well as our hatred of each other to help those we did not know in times of dire desperation and need. It was a day where the invisible boundaries, whose foundation rests on fear and ignorance, that separate us all came crashing down with those towers. For one moment in time we saw all of us as true equals, all united as Americans. We knew that if we were to survive and seek justice for this horrendous act, committed by barbarians who do not even belong in the specie of humans, we knew we all had to stand united.
The biggest tragedy of 9/11 was that our unity was not to last. Out of our fears and paranoias we latched on to our ideologies, as well as our leaders who made promises as empty as the hollow pits where the Twin Towers once stood.
by Darth Vegas December 28, 2007

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