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A term used to replace any typical exclamation like wuff! dang! or what the? Especially useful when referring to the difficulty of high-level mathemathics; From the mathematical term eigenvector. Eigenveggies can also be considered the source of all exclamations or the Eigenexclamation from which all other exclamations emerge.
Eigenveggies! Linear algebra is hard! Let's go shaping!
by Darin Marshall January 30, 2008
A schedule that repeats daily in the morning. Similar to nightly only in the morning.
That girl came by the cafe morningly and made everyone happy when she showed her beautiful face.
by Darin Marshall August 05, 2011
The smack you talk while playing or preparing to play an individual or team of Foosball players.
Awww, you talkin' Foosmack dawg? You betta be prepared fo da yard if you're coming hard talkin' all that trash, we'll pull your card on the Foos table yo.
by Darin Marshall February 19, 2008
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