2 definitions by Darcy Tucker

One who enjoys sex acts involving the ear.
After they stopped kissing, Jenny felt something touch her ear. She sighed. Why did she always end up with the audiophiles?
by Darcy Tucker June 19, 2008
A designated weekend arranged annually in July when hipsters from around the eastern seaboard gather to thumb their noses at cheap art, listen to obscure music and eat serviceable food, all while taking an enormous collective shit on the streets of Baltimore's otherwise nice Mount Vernon neighborhood. The traffic patterns generated by the road closures for this expertly-placed event could charitably be described as a complete clusterfuck.
Why is there so much traffic in the middle of the day, and what smells like American Spirits, mildew, and unlaundered clothing? Goddammit...Artscape is this weekend...
by Darcy Tucker July 19, 2010

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