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A 'greebo' is not some peace loving individual at all you hypocritical twats i am always classed as a chav so how do you have the cheek to say you dont want trouble when you mouth off in groups and if theres five or less you shit a brick if i come over to you and this individuality, you all listen to the same music, wear black, go to 'gigs' sit on skate parks etc, the majority of greebos are rich boy/girl mummys boys/girls that go on about how shit life is on your way home to a five bedroom house most of you are faking and just want attention and so what if chavs want to wear lacoste etc, my stone island jumpers was 140 my jacket 440 lacoste tracksuits are 180 and i work two jobs full time and part time and pay for my own shit including my car so no im not claiming benefits to afford it so either speak up in public or shut up being keyboard warriors you bunch of fucking idiots.
Greebo : theres a chav dude ha ha omg hes like smoking a fag and spitting oh my god cant wait to tell everyoneeeeee, fuckin mugs
by Danny stone island June 08, 2007

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