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A small, Catholic university for independent thinkers, located in Irving, between Dallas and the DFW airport. Students at UD, as it is abbreviated, engage in a large core curriculum that spans history, literature, philosophy, theology, art, and a few other liberal arts areas. The school offers majors in any of the above mentioned areas, as well as in the sciences, politics, business, and finance, among others. Class sizes are small, ranging from 5 to 30 students in each class. The Rome Program at UD offers the chance to live in Rome, Italy for a whole semester at the University of DAllas Rome Campus. Students will travel throughout Italy and Greece with their professors giving classes and on-site lectures, as well as the 10-day vacation in which students go wherever they please. 4 day class weeks and 3 day weekends allow the opportunity to travel wheresoever you wish while spending your 4 months in paradise. Outside the classroom, students' activities are varied. The Division 3 sports teams play, some are more competitive(ie mens soccer), while others are struggling to get going. For some, rugby is a religion that many young men convert to when they attend UD. Rugby plays in Division 2 and is also competitive. Those that aren't interested in sports enjoy quieter activities on campus ranging from film festivals to lecture series to other healthy, sober forms of fun. Many student choose to drink, and underage drinking, along with binge drinking and marathon drinking are all extremely prevalent, necessary even, from Thursday to Sunday, with a Monday, Tuesday, and occasionaly Wednesday thrown in. UD's small undergrad size(~1300) does not stop its students from partying, and those that want to drink will get a first rate training from upperclassmen and alumni that haven't been able to move on after graduation.

Expect a first-rate education and classmates of exceptional intelligence(mostly) at UD. Also expect those intelligent students to be stumbling around campus at 4am on Thursday night after TGIT(thank God its thursday) when they have a midterm on Friday morning.

One of the best liberal arts educations is taught at the University of Dallas
by Daniel Hill November 05, 2006

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