4 definitions by Daniel C. Sloat

NOUN \aw-di-ter-ee-uhm\

1. an artificial environment for auditors

auditor (noun) A person appointed and authorized to examine accounts and accounting records, compare the charges with the vouchers, verify balance sheet and income items, and state the result.


-ium (suffix) Denoting an artificial environment for. i.e. aquarium
Enron was an auditorium.
by Daniel C. Sloat April 27, 2007
NOUN \dee-muhn-stray-shun\

1. The removal of a demon or evil spirit.

demon (noun) An evil spirit; devil or fiend.


-stration (suffix) Removal of. i.e. castration
The priest performed a demonstration on the possessed girl.
by Daniel C. Sloat April 27, 2007
NOUN \ahrt-er-ree\

1. An establishment in the business of producing and selling art.

art (noun) The quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.


-ery (suffix) Denoting occupation, business, calling or condition, place or establishment. i.e. bakery
We visited the artery to see an exhibit and buy a new painting.
by Daniel C. Sloat April 28, 2007
NOUN \baj-er\

1. One who furnishes others with badges of merit.

badge (verb) To furnish or mark with a badge.
badge (noun) A special or distinctive mark, token, or device worn as a sign of allegiance, membership, authority, achievement, etc.


-er (suffix) Serving as the regular English formative of agent nouns, being attached to verbs of any origin. i.e. teacher
The boy scout was presented several awards by the badger.
by Daniel C. Sloat May 01, 2007

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