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Billy Breakdown. The Man, The Legend.

"Who is Billy Breakdown?" you ask?

-He's THE STANDARD in br00tal L0Wz.

-His name is backed with multiple gold medals in the 16 & Under Lows Division.

-he also possesses a collection of bronze and silver medals that collectively could armor a Panzer tank. he earned most of these between the ages of 6 and 10.

-He was a part of over 10 bands before he played his first gig. Cold feet, you say? No. These bands were merely pussies and did not have enough breakdowns in their songs to carry his good name.
Example 1:
Papa Breakdown:"What the hell just shook the windows? I hate those fucking cars with subwoofers."

Mama Breakdown:"honey, that wasn't a car, Billy's in his room practicing his br00tal lows since you grounded him"

Example 2:
"Billy Breakdown's lows sure do rattle my balls."
by Danger Rick January 28, 2009
Strip malls most commonly seen in the format of:

-A Starbucks or other coffee shop. almost ALWAYS a starbucks.

-Noodles & Co.

-Qdoba or Chipotle. interchangeable.

-sometimes a random cell phone provider shop can be thrown in, or anything else that provides a service to the general yuppie. Einstein Bagel Bros. is also an option.

To be a yuppie compound, it must contain at least three of these requirements. otherwise it's just a normal hipster magnet.
Example 1>
person 1:"Hey dude, I could really go for some coffee and a bagel...you down?"

person 2:"Fuck that pansy shit. I want a huge ass burrito from Qdoba!"

person 3:"you do realize that qdoba's right next to starbucks, and overpriced accordingly?"

person 2:"fuck...let me grab my macbook then. let's go."

Example 2>
"Holy shit Greg, guess what? They're putting a Qdoba in that strip mall over by the AT&T store and Starbucks...Yuppie Compound complete!"
by Danger Rick February 09, 2009
Kenya East is the savior that will rise from the african slums to slay the egomaniac we all know as Kanye West. They will be complete opposites of each other. This means everyone will love Kenya East.
"And a man shall rise from the earth, Kenya East shall be his name"

"The ultimate showdown of 2012: Kenya East vs. Kanye West
by Danger Rick September 15, 2009
an article of clothing.

prevents, does not stop.

comes off easier with alcohol.
"i'm going to go put my nudity prevention devices in the dryer, dude. I'll be back in a minute."
by Danger Rick February 01, 2009
a little black book, or in this day and age, your contact list in your cell phone.

the forementioned "book" can be used to summon forth skanks when you get bored and need meaningless female attention.
a grimoire is used to summon forth spirits,
while a skankoire is used to summon skanks.

"I got bored at the party last night since it was a total sausage fest and started summoning hoes from the skankoire"
by Danger Rick January 28, 2009
A Shower.

plain and simple.

i'm pretty sure this phrase was coined by my friend Pat.

but he's been too lazy to define it on here.
"Hey, what's up dude?"
"Not much..about to go do a naked water dance. do you want to get food after?"
"yeah. call me when you're done being naked"

Naked water dances are to be done individually. if you're in the shower with someone else the odds of dancing are pretty slim.
by Danger Rick February 01, 2009
to "work on a meat puzzle" would be to make the pieces fit and have sex. nothing more, nothing less.
"Hey girl, you wanna go work on a meat puzzle back at my place?"
by Danger Rick May 12, 2010
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