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A person who is filled with angst and like to let people know it with an overabundance use of periods in their typing.
of one.

hi....yeah....how about...yeah....I'm going to go....out...with my friends...yeah...wait....I dont have any....=/....die...
by Dan of the River September 01, 2003
A sharp exclamation of one's extreme sorrow and sadness. Usually followed by grasping one's face with both hands and sobbing profusely exclaiming, "BrooHooHoo!"
"Why'd you have to kick me in the nuts, Dan? BROOHOOHOO!"
by Dan Of The River June 10, 2003
A person who is self-proclaimed "gothic" who shops at stores like Hot Topic and Utopia. Who listens to bands like Slipknot, Coal Chamber and the like. Tortured artists filled with angst and who writes bad poetry.
"You know that kid who calls himself Maluvian of the Dark Circle? He's such a gawth fawg."
by Dan of the River September 01, 2003

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