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What is Australian Idol??? When thousands of people gather for the opportunity to have themselves exploited for the benefit of a television broadcasting companies tax write off, all leading to a pivotal sense of celebrity status for a month or two, only to be rejected, forgotten and berated for the rest of their lives.

Australian Idol 07 is led (blindly) by 4 judges. A pom that loves the sound of his voice and has no current relation to the real music industry at all; an over the hill R&B singer that was somehow unable to travel the path of musical fame in the USA (near impossbile), and now tours RSL's in Australia, a middle aged ex-hippy that creates music for his undying handful of tone deaf fans, and last but not least, a disc jockey that is seemingly under the impression that he is now a connoisseur of music, where in relaity he is just a simple button monkey with the intelligence of an abandoned unflushed public toilet turd.
Notable: Kyle Sandilands (the disc jockey for a mainstream radio station that targets people with incredibly low I.Q's) is the highlight of the show. Having done a few seasons, it is humorous (however minute the form of comedy is) to find that he is actually under the impression that people other than teenagers actually give a shit about anything that he says, oblivious to the fact that he is really... a braindead, uneducated, pompous, fat and incredulous man, where if you were to collect all of his brain cells, and you got a dollar for each one, you would not even have enough money to purchase a paddle pop.
**To have your brain removed from your skull, put in a blender, then have ice and alcoholic beverages mixed in, blended, and then placed back into where your skull once was... only to discover still that the show is shit.
**If scientists ran a survey, they would discover that your I.Q actually begins to decrease after watching one episode.
**Very popular with the elderly community, especially the ones that have no family or friends, waiting for death, and find themselves to be less lonely listening to the sound of the television.
**To one day be a very average disc jockey (Kyle Sandilands), and then reach the pivotal point of your fame as a judge on Australian Idol, only to realise that real celebrities would not lower themselves to such a degrading status.
by Damon Perucich September 25, 2007

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