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1 definition by Dakota Rivero

I, myself, have been a fan of A.F.I. ever since "Very proud of ya". I'm very glad Jade Puget has been brought into the band, right before Black Sails in the Sunset.

Jade's a wonderful guitarist, and a great completion to the band, including Adam Carson (Drums), Hunter Burgan (Bass), and Davey Havok (Vocals).

Jade is an incredibly beautiful man, who's great looking no matter what. All you people who call him hott, or cute, well great for you. He is also vegan, and straight-edge. (Does not smoke, do drugs, or drink.)
A.F.I. (A Fire Inside, not AFEE) consists of:
Adam Carson: Drums
Davey Havok: Vocals
Hunter Burgan: Bass
Jade Puget: Guitar
by Dakota Rivero September 16, 2005