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Timmy and Tommy were fighting and Timmy knocked Tommy on his botch. Tommy lost the scrap and got his botch kicked really good.
by Dakeboy 59 August 14, 2011
a dimwitted person, a simpleton, a dolt, a goof.
'forrest gump' is a movie about the life of a real GUMO.
by Dakeboy 59 March 02, 2007
A way of getting back at your woman who is married. Your mad at your woman so you fuck her in the ass on her house boat then you wipe your dick on her pillowcase.
My bitch pissed me off when she said she still loved her husband then we went to her houseboat and I grudge fucked her in the ass. She went to clean her pooper then I wiped my dick on her pillowcase.
by Dakeboy 59 August 15, 2011
The sound that you hear when stepping in a pile of dog turd with your bare foot.
As I was walking across the lawn last night I knew I had to get the water hose when I heard the glitch on my foot.
by Dakeboy 59 October 17, 2011
The weird and visually distorted place one may believe he has arrived to after drinking a potful of espresso and being awake for 3 days in the garage and staring at the rafters while humming loudly lying on a cot.
Teddy: "My goodness Randy, whats wrong with Timmy? Hes humming like a bird and hasnt come out of the garage in 3 days!" Randy: "The fuckbubble drank a whole pot of espresso and thinks hes in SLIKESUNDINE. Hes tripping down a separate mind."
by Dakeboy 59 December 24, 2011
When a person gives a melvin (wedgie) to an unsuspecting soul and proceeds to make them walk forward or lose their cherished jewels.
Bro: "Dude, why are you walking like you've been butt plugged?" Dude: "Fuck Bro, Man crept up behind me yesterday and gave me the ultimate Melvintrot. He made me tiptoe around the block, i'm lucky my sac ain't bleeding!"
by Dakeboy 59 October 28, 2011
A five second or longer fart that sounds like sizzling bacon and burns your asshole and nosehairs when perpetrating such fart.
I cut a long one in bed this morning and it burned my starfish and it woke up my wife. She said to me "I thought I heard bacon cooking and its only your stinkin' stitzzler burning my nose!! You better go wipe, fucker!!"
by Dakeboy 59 October 24, 2011
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