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An STD like "HIV" "the clap" "drippy dick" and other STD's you dont want to get.

Da Monkey is bad s#it so stay away from them guy/girls that have it!!
It burns when i pee i think i got DA MONKEY!!!!

Yo homie dont hit that joint that shawty has DA MONKEY!!!

Come on doc dont tell me i got DA MONKEY!!!
by Da Great C dot J dot June 12, 2008
When someone is fed-up with there life and wants it to end!! And dose so via gun in the mouth cause'n the top of there head to blow off!!!
Jimmy was so upset Jenn cheated on him he Dee Domed himself.

No! No! Sean dont put that gun in your mouth ur gonna be Dee Domed!!!

This girl was sucking me off so good when i Came i Dee Domed Her a$$!!!

by Da Great C dot J dot June 13, 2008

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