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1.A device which enables you to signify you are a part of Da Boyzz.
2.A sign you belong to western canada high school. Because lets face it they enjoy being classy and what says classy like a noice red cup.
3.A symbol that you are ready to get FUCKEDDDD UP! and your gonna hook up with some DG's and get some benny's
4. Someething you use to take action in a leasurly game of beerpong or flip cup but only people from western do that lets face it.
5.You are imitating da boyz!!
Grady: Yo bietz are you supplying da red cups for the shindig tonight?

Kyle: Who the fuck do you think i am? joan just bought me a 300 pacck fuck yeh i will!

Grady: K good we are going to isobells house tonight and we wont want to use those gay ass dixie cups she has.Or fucking white cups theys the devil.
Zack: YO BIETZZZMANNN im having a chill time tonight yee know like reaally just chilllll we have weed and brewskies but we need some cups man we hear Da Boyzzz supply them can you hook me up?

Kyle: No, FUCK YOU
Kyle(to himself): Bitchass Rideau kid and their CHILLLLLLL times. respect da boyz niggggga
by Da Boyzzz April 14, 2010

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