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2 definitions by D_Arps5

A lager which requires an extra step in the brewing process after fermentation. The beer is chilled to -4°C to allow ice crystals to form. Thanks to a proprietary process, the beer flows freely through the crystals, which are then removed. Adding this extra step gives the beer a slightly higher alcohol content and a smoother taste.
MMMM...i like to drink ice beer.
by D_Arps5 November 22, 2006
A condom. Object to keep ur penis protected, but sometimes one of those sperms can get through and you will get ur bitch pregnant. Also the object that O.J Simpson used to kill his girlfriend and some other guy but was somehow innocent. Also object to protect your hand(s) or keep them warm.
No glove...no love. You look like a broke ass O.J Simpson tryin to kill people with a pair of leather gloves.
by D_Arps5 December 20, 2006