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Palestine is my country. See i was Born in SYRIA as a PALESTINIAN REFUGEE...my Father was born is SYRIA as a Palestinian REFUGEE. My Grandfather was born in Palestine, and was driven out by Millitary of Isra..(dont want to say a name that does not exist) to syrian, as a refugee. When the Jews came into the Palestine, they came with weapons, and they were not there to live peacefully with other palestinians, they came to take over a country that was powerless in regards of Weapons, and economy. They laid the palestinian people on the ground, and started executing each one as if they were BAD DOGS that were being put down. Now just 3 years before this, Jews talk about the Nazi's and this thing called holocaust. Now to be honest, if there was a holocaust, i would say it is the holocaust of Palestine, because of the way palestinians are treated until this day. EVEN TODAY Germany has to pay Jews that say they were in the *HOLOCAUST* a monthly CHEQUE to their pocket.

My point is my friends is this:

Yes i am not in palestine which i wish i was. But like this , My blood was CREATED in palestine. Jewish blood is from else where. My grandfather, great grand father and SOO ONN..all in palestine, Them 2 generations back in This nation that i hate to say the name of, they call Israel, but 3 generations back, they were not in palestine.

NOW DONT GET ME WRONG, there are Jewish palestinians, and these people lived with us in peace. Its the Jews that came AFTER that caused problems.

straight up, my whole family AND TRSUT ME ITS A HUGE FAMILY, all scatered around the fucking world trying to find a place to settle..grandfather died without an acutall fuckin citizen ship, he died a *REFUGEE* my cousins are in Dubay, UAE, Switzerland, etc. and I proly never gonna see them again cuz of this. My Grandmothers and father, had sisters and brothers that were driven into lebanon or jordan. and they never got to se them again.
Those are some problems that the jews have caused for us palestinians. Not Only that, we are gettin killed, slaughtered, spend time in jail till we die, END UP HOMELESS CUZ OUR HOMES WAS BULLDOZED WHILE WE WERE ASLEEP, but on top of all that, they come to call us terrorist.

Now a person with the right mind wont need to read into it to know whos the real terrorists. But if you want it plain and simple it def aint the Middle easters or any muslim/arab nation out there.

Or actully it could be with some of those leaders that work with the US..

ANYWAYS..heres the facts, and my openions, thank you for reading. and God Bless
Stop Killing The Innocent Kids in palestine
by DJMarkeeDee October 19, 2007

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