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When you're on welfare, and yo momma got sell her loose ass so you can eat waffles for supper. These are the shoes you end up wearing. They cost around $10 at Walmart, got fuckin Shaq on them, remember that fool? He was in some shit movie called Kazaam.

Well now he's sellin you his shoes yo. $10. If you wanna look like you're straight off the fucking boat from Somalia, these are your kicks of choice.
You so poor yo momma spread her ass cheeks with no lube just to get you Shaq Shoes, you must be Somalian
by DJ WaffleIron March 08, 2011
A derogatory term coined by Canadians to reflect their inert racism against its Inuit native population. As seen in South Park Season 15 episode 03, Scott The Dick, calls an "Eskimo" an Ice Gook. They are known for building igloo's, sleeping with Huskies, robbing parked cars, drinking Lysol, huffing gas soaked rags, incest and fantastic whale blubber meat sauce on spaghetti. Fortunately this term is being taken back, so they quite often call themselves Ice Gooks, example:

IG1: "Yo my Ice Gook! Whats up?"

IG2: "Just stealing this car to take to auto pawn so I can bail my sister out, so she can call her ex-boyfriend and he can talk to his uncle about getting some weed."

IG1: "Dirty Ice Gook, get the fuck away from my car!"

IG2: "It was my uncle Henry man! Not me!"

There's a theory that the early mongoloid men of the ice age crossed the trans-Siberian ice bridge and these are their descendants. Just don't leave your mouthwash out around them, they like it better then peppermint schnapps.
Canadian #1: "Look at that fucking Ice Gook, sleeping all day, drinking all night, collecting welfare."

Canadian #2: "Hey I'm part Native, thats offensive!"

Canadian #1: "Well go seal hunting then you worthless Ice Gook!"
by DJ WaffleIron May 11, 2011
The act or act thereof of homeless men/women having an orgy inside of your vehicle.
You parked in a bad area, when you got back to your car a few hobo's half dressed run away from it. Inside you find condoms, mouthwash and semen everywhere. They have been scrumming inside your vehicle. FFS!
by DJ WaffleIron August 21, 2012

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