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unlike the dumbass above, Bloods affiliate themselves with a 5-POINT star and crips with a 6-POINT star

people nation is an alliance of many street gangs originating from the city of Chicago.known members are Vice Lords, Latin Counts,Latin Angels,Latin Kings, Spanish Vice Lords, Black P Stones, Bishops and many others

their main symbols are pitchforks point down , 5 point stars,and 5 point crowns

though all these gangs are allied under the Nation name, there are interalliance wars that are going on

Vice Lords and Counts are known to rival the Almighty Latin King n Queen Nation. Bloods are thought to be apart of the Nation but its unknown whether they are. oon another noe, bloods and crips wear their things opposite to what their corresponding natios wear. nevertheless they still affiliate

their main rival is the Folk Nation(Followers Of Larry King)because of their affiliations, cdertain Crip sets are required to flag black on the Right side. though folk is an alliance, it is also its own gang. members are usually seen with a black do rag hanging out their backside(though which side it must correspond is unknown)symbols of the folk nation include pitchforks upwards, 6-point stars and the number 6 itself.though it is shared by all folk, these symbols are a part of 'gang knowledge' originating from Gangster Disciples. it is believed that this knowledge was copied by Crips which is why they have loose affiliations

another gang that flags oppsite of people is latin kings. they keep flag on the right side but wen showing true kolors they tie their flag on the back middle loop of their pants to symbolize the lion which is a well known mascot of LK

People Nation Member: Ckrabs n Fkish just trotted in our turf

Another member: then let's light their's asses!

LK member: Vice Whores and Latin Cunts can go have their fun, i dont even know why the fuck we rep this shit wen those ni99as dont like us anyways. all because of some goddamn drug trading territories

by DJ Kaliber May 05, 2007
an MC who was good back in the 80's but now his music sucks.

and he gots his ass beat in a beef with Kool Mo Dee.

no seriously.

he did.
LL: my raps dominate you Mo Dee

Kool: shut up bitch

LL: ok! please don't hurt me!!

Run: wow, LL Cool J just got murdered by Kool Moe Dee
by DJ Kaliber December 09, 2006

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