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10 definitions by DJ Jarak

Someone or something which is both silly and amusing while also being dark and disturbing.
Hit-Girl from the movie Kick-Ass is truly whimsturbing.
by DJ Jarak June 28, 2013
A strong fear of betrayal brought on by either rational or irrational feelings that you cannot to trust those closest to you.
I'm afraid that you are going to betray me. I just can't help it. I have proditiophobia.
by DJ Jarak May 10, 2012
The act of transforming into a vein, cruel, unconscionable person through beautification via weight loss. Power corrupts. You know... that old chestnut.
Jessica used to be such a sweetheart, but since her corruptosuction, she's been nothing short of pure evil.
by DJ Jarak January 15, 2012
An individual who will support you only when you are alone with them due to their lack of loyalty as well as their fear of being attacked by other parties you may be at odds with.
When we're alone, you're like "Yeah, he is such a creep" and when anyone else is around, you're like "I don't wanna be involved." You're such a one-on-one supporter.
by DJ Jarak December 27, 2011
When you push out a hard, dry poop obstruction (like popping a cork) followed by a raging river of flowing diarrhea.
I'm not sure if I can make it to the party tonight. I'm suffering from champaign ass.
by DJ Jarak May 22, 2011
A physically powerful, sexually aggressive woman.
That woman is a domizon and when she's in the mood, there is no stopping her.
by DJ Jarak January 24, 2011
Someone made famous through being photographed in a positive light on many occasions.
Natalie, you're stunning. I've seen you in hundreds of photos and you're gorgeous in all of them. You sure are an aperture star.
by DJ Jarak January 24, 2012