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6 definitions by DAKEBOY59

Timmy and Tommy were fighting and Timmy knocked Tommy on his botch. Tommy lost the scrap and got his botch kicked really good.
by dakeboy59 August 14, 2011
21 11
The weird and visually distorted place one may believe he has arrived to after drinking a potful of espresso and being awake for 3 days in the garage and staring at the rafters while humming loudly lying on a cot.
Teddy: "My goodness Randy, whats wrong with Timmy? Hes humming like a bird and hasnt come out of the garage in 3 days!" Randy: "The fuckbubble drank a whole pot of espresso and thinks hes in SLIKESUNDINE. Hes tripping down a separate mind."
by dakeboy59 December 24, 2011
6 0
When a person gives a melvin (wedgie) to an unsuspecting soul and proceeds to make them walk forward or lose their cherished jewels.
Bro: "Dude, why are you walking like you've been butt plugged?" Dude: "Fuck Bro, Man crept up behind me yesterday and gave me the ultimate Melvintrot. He made me tiptoe around the block, i'm lucky my sac ain't bleeding!"
by dakeboy59 October 28, 2011
7 1
The sound of a Mojave Desert Vulture as he is chomping away on a dead coyote.
My bud and I were hunting rabbit last week in the desert when we heard a sloppy, wet sound from behind a boulder. We peaked around the rock and witnessned these vultures grownching away on a coyote.
by dakeboy59 October 26, 2011
6 1
The sound eminated from a live fish flopping on the sand as his eyes pop out when you step on him to put a halt to his flap dancing.
Andrew: "Woah Brendan that's a lot of fish you caught!" Brendan: "Yeah nucka.... Hey, one jumped out of the bucket! Grab him Andrew!" Suddenly: BLORT!!! Andrew and Brendan: "Fuckin' Robert, you didn't have to step on him so hard, you twadge!!
by dakeboy59 November 06, 2011
9 5
A mixture of PEE-YOO and NASTY. A very versatile word that describes anything bad, disgusting or foul.
From behind a bedroom door: Debbie: "Oooh David. Eat my pussy!" David: "sniff sniff {gag} whiff Fuck no bitch, you're POOSTY!! Shmelly ho!!!".......Alan stop farting, you POOSTY fucktard!!.......I can't eat this POOSTY fruitcake!!.......That band sucked last night they were so damned POOSTY!
by DAKEBOY59 January 05, 2012
9 7