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An ultra-suave, super-sly, individual - who exhibits style and grace.


An item or action with a fantastical profile.
Burzan: "who dem?"

Justo: "dem gold chain boys is so slick-a-pottamus 'wit it!"


James: "you seen Tina crew mang?"

O'Chelli "dayam dem girls lookin' so fine n' slick-a-pottamus!"


"..the shoes were glistening with a slick-a-pottamus ultra-sheen.."
by DAGS United March 04, 2009
When one lick's another's anus.

Leslie: "Hey girl, what did you and O'Chelli do last night?"

Melissa: "he gave me the most amazing, sloppy groovey!"
by DAGS United March 04, 2009

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