1 definition by Cum Quat

a mixed breed of skaters and gansta's that aren't musically talented or have any skating ability which has resulted in them taking up gay "sports" such as bmx and motocross.

they are usually found wearing shorts with long socks and flatbilled caps with faggot glasses and oversized shirts with brands such as metal mulisha, no fear, fox, famous stars and straps, and skin , usually found bald or with crew cuts with an underage girl at their side for them to fuck later.

all in all they are spoiled fucking white trash peices of untamed crusty ass peckerwoods.
bro#1: hey i got some cool bmx magazines we can go jack off too
bro#2: sweet man i can test out my new metal mulisha anal beads
by Cum Quat August 25, 2007

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