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Rule 16 states that there are no females on the internet - specifically in role-playing games and chat rooms.

Expanded Rule 16 states that:
a) All internet men are men
b) All internet women are really men
b) All internet children are policemen
Player 1: Did you check out Rocket Dog' profile? She is so hot, so I PM'd her and she is sexy cool!

Player 2: Dude, remember Rule 16. She's really a 40 yo dude in his living in his mom's basement!

Player 1: No! She's real and she likes me!
by Cubicle Drone July 08, 2009
The summer of 2009, when right wing protests over Health Care Reform turned nasty and hateful
Ironic, 40 years ago Bob was in San Francisco for the Summer of Love. Now he's at his Congressman's Town Hall Meeting as part of the Summer of Hate protests.
by Cubicle Drone August 14, 2009
As Soon as Reasonably Convenient

Like ASAP (As Soon as Possible), but without the urgency.
John, scribbled a note on a Post-It and left it it on Mary's Desk. It said, "Mary, plz see me ASRC."
by Cubicle Drone June 27, 2009

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