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A television news anchor that hosts the show "To Catch A Predator" which focuses on tricking online predators to show up at a stake out where the predator thinks there is an underage boy/girl there to have sex with but in turn it's only Chris Hansen and the police.
Chris Hansen: Why don't you have a seat over here and tell me what you are doing here running around naked chasing the cat with whipped cream in your hand?
Predator: Uhhhh I was just coming here to tell the little girl that it's not a good idea to talk to people on the internet
Chris Hansen: Please take this towel and cover yourself, according to the chat log you had other intentions of being here
Predator: Are you the police?
Chris Hansen: No I'm Chris Hansen from MSNBC and you are free to go if you wish
*Predator attempts to hand back the towel*
Chris Hansen: No you can keep it
Following the conversation usually ends with the predator getting tackled by the police and a jail
by Crystal Kathrotia November 16, 2007
Graduate Record Examination which is an entrance exam to graduate school. This test is designed by a group of malevolent pedagogues who seem to think that just because we do not use words such as obsequious or pusillanimous in our everyday speech means we would certainly not be a qualified graduate student. It also tests math skills learned anywhere from 5-10 years ago in the quantitative section since we all have committed that geometry into our long term memory it shouldn't be a problem RIGHT!
Person 1: Dude I have been learning 300 words a day for the GRE I know I'm going to do GREAT!
Person 2: Man I changed my major because I could never get high enough on that damn GRE.
Person 1: (the next day) Man I still only got a 390 on verbal how the hell does this happen I'm never going to get into grad school!
by Crystal Kathrotia November 14, 2007
An adjective to describe something that is worthy enough to be called exceedingly preposterous that is deserves an even more absurd name than ridiculous.
Person 1: Oh my god! Did you hear that Ashley Olson is dating Lance Armstrong?
Person 2: That is absolutely ridonkulous he's almost twice her age!
by Crystal Kathrotia November 14, 2007
A term used to describe something that is moving in a quick jumpy fashion. Often the skittish object/person is acting without purpose and lacks premeditation.
The calico cat was sleeping on the floor then became very skittish when she randomly ran around the house chasing her own tail.
by Crystal Kathrotia November 16, 2007
The formal term used to describe a cosmetic medical procedure that corrects the nose. This procedure is also known as a nose job.
Damn Barbara Streisand is in some desperate need of a rhinoplasty, her nose is the size of Texas!
by Crystal Kathrotia November 16, 2007
A term that is used to describe a black person who acts with white mannerisms, often these individuals are very unsatisfied with their black heritage and strongly desire to be white. The origin of the term comes from the combination of vanilla and nigga.
Vanigga: Hey guys, can we please go shop at J. Crew this weekend it would be a total blast! Then after that we should go eat at Cracker Barrell it would be a swell time!
Non Vanigga: Dude no one wants to hang out with your vanigga ass you are lame as hell you are as dark as charcoal but you act as white as an egg.
by Crystal Kathrotia May 04, 2008
The act of wasting time or doing a purposeless act.
Person #1: Man I just failed my exam!
Person #2: Why? the teacher gave us the answers to the test to memorize
Person #1: I was way too busy dickin around on facebook until 4 AM to learn them.
by Crystal Kathrotia July 27, 2008

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