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Group of evil henchmen wearing blue shirts. They wander aimlessly looking for defects to take back to their lair. Once in their lair, they can make wild accusations and investigate their specimens with microscopes and hawk-like vision to find the slightest imperfections. They notify their doomed prey with a call.

The work now begins to find the rest of the imperfections in the system and fix the cause. This can cause days of meetings, excessive paperwork, tounge lashings, file entries, rework, fatigue, blank stares, feelings of hopelessness, vomiting, loose stools, headaches, excessive drinking, loss of employment, and/or hair loss.
Tech A (screaming) : "Don't answer that, it might be the fp-lab!"

Overtime Tech B "Too late, you're screwed! Another Fail!"

Tech A (sobbing in the fetal position) : "I should've bought them donuts."
by Crushed D-teamer June 29, 2011

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