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noun; a wealthy patron to a casino, gets paid special attention by a casino host so the patron will feel comfortable to gamble more money.
My whale just walked in. He is hosting the Ferrari convention downstairs.
by Crazy4bmws June 21, 2011
noun: The brother of your mother or father that has a lot of money but no kids. Usually a cool bachelor, drives an old muscle car or an expensive new car. May be quirky or strange but always loves to shower his nieces and nephews with gifts.
Last year my rich uncle Tim added a Corvette along side his 1964 Jaguar E-Type coupe in East Hampton. And the best part is he lets me drive the 'vette with the valet key he gave me!
by Crazy4bmws April 07, 2011
Phase, used after forgetting a one liner

as used by Sterling Archer
Archer: Damn, I had something for this, too... um... damn it. Eat grenade, stupids!
by Crazy4bmws April 13, 2011
A nicer way of referring to a drug dealer
I'm out to go to the exotic pharmacist, anyone want something?
by Crazy4bmws November 18, 2011
noun: the place that served cold or perishable items are stored to keep them cold, only refers to a place that is not electrically, gas, or motor powered; does not necessarily have to refer to the ghetto, one can have a ghetto freezer for convenience.
Gangster 1 : Hey dawg where da milk at?
Gangster 2 : Yo, it's in the ghetto freezer cause I couldn't pay the electric bill.
Gangster 1 : Dumbass!

Zack: Welcome to the party, all the booze is out back in the ghetto freezer, there was not enough space in the fridge so we had to put them in the snow.
by Crazy4bmws February 15, 2010
noun; doors that can be aftermarket or stock on a car, where the door is hinged from the roof and opens vertically. Examples can be seen on the Mercedes 300SL or the Delorean
The Mercedes SLS AMG has the same gullwing doors the 300SL had when it was introduced over 50 years ago.
by Crazy4bmws January 10, 2012
An Asian car modified to look fast without going fast. Including but not limited to, exhaust tip (not exhaust or cat back), rims, bodykit, cardboard, tape, glue. Ricers do go into the the territory of hoopties. However hoopties are a much worse case. DOES NOT apply to American or European cars as RICE originated in Asia. Any American car that meets the descriptive definition of a Ricer is considered automatically a hooptie.
- A 1999 Honda Civic with the bumper falling off and tints farts by-

Man 1 - "RICER!"
by Crazy4bmws October 26, 2009

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