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Acronym: Paid to Poop


n. 1. The phenomenon of being paid to defecate which occurs when pooping at work.
2. a break to poop at work.

v. the action of pooping while being paid to do so.

Origination: This term was born from the U.S. government Dept. of Finance whose overuse of acronyms caused 2 friends to create amusing acronyms for everything. The term was quickly embraced by manufacturing throughout the Midwest.

ptp1.5 - Overtime Pooping
(pronounced ptp one point five)

ptpx2 - Double Time Pooping (pronounced ptp times 2)

ptpx3 - The elusive Triple Time Pooping
(pronounced ptp times 3)
"I'll be a little late for the meeting Craig, it's ptp time."

"How long has Mike been on ptp?"

"I like to adjust my schedule so that I ptp at work instead of at home."
by Craigmont Zarda July 06, 2005

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