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when a guy waits until his girl is asleep, and he sticks his cock in her ass without waking her up.
"My ass hurts so much, I could swear that he pulled a silent sam on me last night."
#anal #sex #sleep #sleeping #ass
by Courtney Pfannmuller March 23, 2008
FiFi is an acronym for f@$king idiotic female imbuciles. The acronym was used first on a page in nexopia by the user butterfly~decay in 2005 to describe drama queens, thieving gal-pals, and gossip girls.
"What a Fifi. That tramp stole my good white boots, and ran around lying about it saying she let me borrow them."

"That Fifi just kissed your boyfriend."
#scandalous women #women #woman #girl #drama queen #gossip
by Courtney Pfannmuller March 22, 2008
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