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2 definitions by Corey Sobotka

any means of transportation which include and is limited to a flattened cardboard box.
the kids went hoboboarding on pieces of cardboard down the hill at the bayou, where they went very fast.
by Corey Sobotka October 15, 2007
1. an adjective, describes any person or thing that resembles an oompa loompa. ie. has a high broad forhead, big eyes, abnormaly large head in comparison to a dwarfish body.

2. adjective, a job description, applies to people with jobs or the jobs that fall under the candy or sugar industries.
1. that short man who is singing to that boy about his bad moral is very oompaloompesque.

2. my father's job is very oompaloomesque, as he works in a lollipop factory.
by Corey Sobotka October 15, 2007