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a b-e-a-u-tiful veiw, often seen atop of mountains, lakes, cold evenings, meadows, beaches sunsets, around women on windy days, etc.
atop of the mountain, george had his breath taken away by the beautiview
by Corey Griffin Sobotka December 10, 2007
1) when an event, person, or place is deleted from historical text because of a: a country does not want citizens to know things b: can be used to blackmail or as leverage against person or group of people c: a senile writer forgets to put it in text
2) when someone erases something from their memory because of possible embarrassment or traumatic effects
1) The U.S.A teaches children that the explorer Christopher Columbus discovered america to protect their innocence by historaleting the fact that Leif Eriksson, the son of a mass murderer, was the true discoverer.

2) John historaleted the time he peed his pants in class to prevent trauma to his self-esteem.
by Corey Griffin Sobotka December 10, 2007
1) testicles
2)big waves, surfer slang- derives from gnarly
1) Wading in the virgin river in Zion Nat. Park, Mr. T said "boys, im up to my nar-nars!"

2) Surfer 1: Dude look at those nar-nars!
Surfer 2: Brah, i know! those are some pretty sweet waves!
Tourist: Shut up or i'll kick you in the nar-nars

by Corey Griffin Sobotka December 10, 2007

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