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A small lakeside town in northeast Ohio that is suffering from the poor economic situation, much like the rest of the nation. The schools have been revamped with new elementary and middle school buildings, but the vintage high school has only received a small facelift, and still holds historical significance. Conneaut is home to the Spartens, but the football team is yet to win a game. The band, under the direction of Mr. Smith, is fairly decent. The cheerleaders are a sad sight to see, but don’t control the school like in typical high schools. Such a task is left to the volleyball players, a group of elite preps that socializes with the football players. Intellectuals who run for class president are usually beat by members of the “popular” crowd, who aren’t the most creative individuals. Many of the Conneaut teenagers participate in the tradition of going to the sporting events or bowling on Friday nights, but it is suggested you bring a jacket to the football stadium. The stadium isn’t the best, and the high school doesn’t have bussing, but instead of spending money on unneeded comforts like those, Conneaut prefers to be environmentally friendly with two new windmills. Conneaut is truly a city that cares about bigger issues than drugs and the fact that the children pride themselves in acting like they’re “gansta”.
I just went to Conneaut to visit my cousin. We went to the beach, the park, the library and then to a football game. I was surprised to see she wasn’t sad when her team lost… She said she was used to it. Some weirdo named Lazlo asked if we could give him a ride at the library, and all these boys with saggy pants thought they were cool when they really weren’t.
by Conneaut High Schooler September 24, 2011

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