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A recent mass-cultural movement caused by stephenie meyer and the series she authored, TWILIGHT.

Those who take part in this obsession are sometimes referred to as twilighters or twi-hards.
Symptoms of this obsession can include becoming "excited" at the sound of the names edward cullen, jacob black, and robert pattinson--depending upon whether the person is a fan of the book, the movie, or in most cases, both--as well as constant relation of things in the person's life to elements of the "Twilight Universe", and having a number of copies of the books, having read them all several times.
Some of the more serious cases result in pets, stuffed animals, or even small children being named Bella, Edward, Jacob, etc. after the characters of the book.

People who are obsessed and are not treated for this usually exhibit certain behavioral patterns:
--they are women
--they hang around in groups, whispering, giggling, and at some points screaming
--they always have a copy of the book on hand
--they recite quotes at random moments, even if they don't make much sense
--they get such comments, when other people in the area do not
--they go to Hot Topic simply because Twilight merchandise is sold there, and they are scared of those who work there

This condition is also known as OCD: Obsessive Cullen Disorder

*This is in no way meant to flame Twilight, just to point out that there is a problem with just how much it controls some people's lives--including mine*
--"Tell me again, exactly WHY anyone would want to move to Forks, Washington? It's so dreary, and it's practically in the middle of nowhere!"
--"I'm hoping if I move there, maybe I'll meet the Cullens...Don't look at me like that, it's not an obsession, it's under control!"

--"Well, this car sure wasn't all I'd expected it to be."
--"Cindy, what do you mean, it's a brand new Volvo S60R, in silver. It's freakin' awesome!"
--"The car's great, it's just that...I thought it would come with it's driver, Edward Cullen."
--"Oh lord, not your Twilight obsession again. I swear you have OCD."
--"I do not have Obsessive Cullen Disorder!"
--"I was talking about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. But you just proved my point wonderfully."
by Coheeder69 February 03, 2009

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