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1 definition by Coca-Cola Warrior

A rolled-up and folded piece of paper, cardboard or other such material to form a rough "V" shape. The wide end is pulled back on a rubber band and fired as a projectile. Should this hornet strike at bare skin (esp. areas with a lot of nerve endings like the palm of your hand or inner thighs) it'll hurt like a bitch! Sometimes, paper clips may be unfolded and inserted in/used as hornets. Often used in schools, libraries and other places of study by immature kids. Don't be surprised when they cry their asses off because you popped them good, though!
Joe: Owwwww!! Damn!

Christine: What?! What happened?

Joe: Some asshat shot me with a hornet!

Immature n00b: LmAO I'M So LeEt!! LAwL!!1!

Christine: Taste my period-fueled rage, bitch!

*Christine shoots a hornet right between his eyes*

Immature n00b: OOOoOoooWWWwwWwwW!!!!!!!

Joe: LMAO! Nice shot!

Christine: Thanks!
by Coca-Cola Warrior November 20, 2010