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piece of shit resident
Our p.o.s.p.o.t.u.s. is taxing tanning salons.
by Cliff Claven December 18, 2010
The lowest of the low. The most arrogant. The Laziest. Has absolutely no idea how to lead from the front. Is book-Smart with no common sense. Believes his service is "worthy", when in reality it's just a sham. A life he will hide when he's 55 sitting at a VFW Bar.
Don't pull a shenk and pretend your a soldier.
by Cliff Claven December 18, 2010
One who believes he or she is more intelligent than most. Usually a person who has great book smarts but lacks common sense. Someone who cannot imagine a fetus being a real person. An individual who will one day be the cause of our great country being over-ran by a stronger military force.
A person who doesn't properly discipline his or her kids. Someone that believes others will clean up after their mess. An individual that would rather work out in the gym rather than perform their own yard work. Usually someone who has absolutely no knowledge of American History.
Hey Shauntaqua, can you turn off that liberal news station. This is a Army Hospital where the majority of folks who will watch are Conservative.
by Cliff Claven September 20, 2010

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