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6 definitions by Claudius Ptolemaeus

The official holy day of the Verdukian festive season, also known as the Verdukian Holiday of Mouth Pleasures.

The most famous symbol of Merlinpeen is a bowl of meat cubes with a picture of Jimmy Connors sticking out.

One Merlinpeen tradition involves the eating of free sausage pizza, followed by gentle flossing performed by a blonde virgin.
Good Merlinpeen to you!
by Claudius Ptolemaeus January 07, 2011
35 4
Fear of the working-class. Derived from the word 'proletariat', referring to the collective working-class, which is often used in association to Marxism.

Related forms: proletariatophobic, proletariatophobe
John thinks everyone that labours for a living is worthless. He has proletariatophobia.
by Claudius Ptolemaeus August 19, 2010
11 1
When you get red marks on your wrists from typing on a MacBook Pro, due to the sharp-edged alumin(i)um.
Whoa! Have you been cutting yourself!?
Naaa, I've just got MacBook wrists. It's the price we pay like girls with their Stilettos.
by Claudius Ptolemaeus April 23, 2011
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Obsolete knowledge.

Portmanteau of 'obsolete' + 'knowledge'.

Coined by Alvin and Heidi Toffler in 'Revolutionary Wealth'.
Being a newcomer to the paperless office, Jan had so much obsoledge left from her typewriter days.
by Claudius Ptolemaeus September 02, 2010
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A condition that occurs when someone prolongs the use of/exposure to something/someone despite the obvious detriment to their wellbeing (as of someone wearing stiletto heels despite the discomfort caused to their feet).
I heard Robin's back together with Ben!
What! After all the abuse!? That girl has Stiletto Syndrome.
by Claudius Ptolemaeus April 23, 2011
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To be deported from your bedroom to somewhere else—generally uncomfortable—in the house, usually by your partner or because of an unwanted child taking up space in the bed.
My daughter got scared and came into bed, and there wasn't much room, so the wife bedroom deported me.

After a violent bedroom deportation, John lay on the hard couch, contemplating who in fact wears the pants in the relationship.
by Claudius Ptolemaeus November 05, 2010
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