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White-hot Scottish songstress.

Will totally fuck you up.

Remember Saruman's power of voice? Well Annie's got mad powers with that set of pipes. Boo-ya Grandma!
Annie Lennox.... mhmm!
#travis #the corrs #andrea corr #eric clapton #the lord of the rings
by Christovius August 06, 2006
shorthand form of 'motherfucker'

used to express disgust, without any trace of condemnation
Yo, mofalker -- get that shitass scooter off ma property before yo start developing an issue with your skull, m'kaay?
#fuck #shit #fuckshit #shitfuck #motherfuck
by Christovius August 06, 2006
You have two cows. One is shot, the other is stolen.

This is a big deal.
L1: Holy shitsworth, that dude just swiped my last mofalkin cow!!!

L2: Big deal.
#wtf dude #lazer #have a nice day #mofalker #dude lady
by Christovius August 06, 2006
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