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1.) A crazy silly person who acts like a jackass and gets scared easily when going through a dark area at night.

2.) An awesome band out of the Twin Cities, Minnesota area!!!

3.) A person who likes to camp in a tent and seems to attrack drunk women into his tent and also people dancing around and shaking the tent.

Fruit Donkey out of Minnesota totally Rocks!!!

We talked that fruit donkey into going for a golf cart ride in the cornfield at 3 am this morning.

I'm going to go shake that fruit donkey's tent!

Friut Donkey
by Christopher G July 24, 2006
Rabid Fruit Donkey

An extremely violent jackass who likes to get drunk off of fruit cocktails.
That rabid fruit donkey is extremely wasted on fruit cocktails again.
by Christopher G July 06, 2006
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