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5 definitions by Chrispy Fries

A gathering of large group of males at a party or social event. (negative context).
"Gosh, this party sucks, its such a cock carnival...there aren't any ladies here."
by Chrispy Fries March 26, 2009
An alternate name for a librarian or information professional. Usually used in a derogatory or teasing manner.
Our group was in the middle of working on project when this information witch came over to our table and told us to be quiet.
by Chrispy Fries October 02, 2010
A party or gathering of people that is unexpectedly dominated by women. Used in a negative but playful context to describe a a high girl to guy ratio in a social setting.
I was hoping to meet a bunch of cute guys tonight. This party is such a boob factory, let's leave.
by Chrispy Fries March 13, 2011
To possess superhero qualities or traits.
That person is so awesome that they exude superheroescents.
by Chrispy Fries April 22, 2011
Someone who is both nerdy but also athletic and into sports. A combination of "nerd" and "jock".
I'm a total nerdock. I went to the opening of all the Harry Potter books and lettered in three different sports in high school.
by Chrispy Fries February 12, 2012