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Eating breakfast (or any other meal really) while standing at your kitchen counter instead of sitting at your kitchen table.
My dad drives my mom crazy eating his bachelor breakfast of burnt toast.
by Chris_K May 08, 2008
Verb: To get yelled at, like at school.
-Brian just totally Jukinated that guy.
-Once, Brian Jukinated a middle schooler so much that his head exploded.
by Chris_K April 30, 2009
Verb: To not just go through someone's stuff, but to go through someone's stuff, sort it, and clean it up.
-Dude, You just totally got Veatched.
-Cindy, Stop Veatching me there, It hurts.
by Chris_K April 30, 2009
When someone talks so much and over-explains something to the point that you can't focus anymore. Or think. Or hear. And your head hurts.
We got Janiced so bad in yesterday's meeting, I don't even know what to do for the next meeting.
Janicing someone can end up using a lot of cell phone minutes.
by Chris_K November 30, 2009
A fake diagnosis of Autism.
Oh My Gosh, That guy can't really have Autism. He too good at sports. He must have Fauxtism, just to get sympathy.
by Chris_K January 04, 2008
A Mini-Van, usually a piece of shit Chevy Astro, that the more "special" kids take to get to school. Very much like a Short Bus.
Look at them special kids riding that school van.
by Chris_K April 10, 2010
When you trying to have a discussion with an Indian person, and they talk so fast you can't understand anything they just said.
Raj has definitely got the Mumbai Mumble. I swear there are no spaces between the words in his sentences.
by Chris_K October 19, 2012

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