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A strange and mysterious place, which most men (and some women) long to go.
Frank: So, did you get any last night?
Jorge: No, she's bleeding from the vag again.
Frank: <blank stare>
(Clouds break to reveal a ray of sunlight, and the song of angels' voices)
Frank: The vag...
by Chris the dork June 21, 2005
Happiness in a bottle (keg, cup, can, shoe, bowl, or any other concieved drinking vessel).
Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. - Benjamin Franklin
by Chris the dork June 21, 2005
a) The governmentally backed, invasive and opressive institution, set-up to provide law and order.

b) Any individual belonging to such an institution.

c) The vehicles driven by said individuals.
Oh shit Jimmy, put down that pipe bomb, that crack pipe, and let go of those hookers. Here come the black n' whites.
by Chris the dork July 11, 2005

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