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The big ol' dangling hunk of meat between the legs of a black man. You know. That jungle fever. What I'm sayin is, didn't you ever see Congo? You think those were gorillas? You think that was an arm? Put that shit together! Also, the real reason for US involvement in Uganda.
Melanie unzipped the pants of the judge, hoping to get him off and get herself off the charge of coke possession. "Oh my God!" she yelled as she wipped his rod out, "the biggest black cock I've ever seen, and you're white!" The judge replied, "Hell naw biatch, I'm black. When I was six my mama pushed me into a pool of acid. I've looked white ever since, but that shit didn't even scar my black cock" He didn't even noticed Melanie impaled herself.
by Chris Summers November 11, 2005

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