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One that listens to all the Metal genre. Metal heads can and could be classified as a typical down to earth person, when turned upon are dangerous and can be harmful as the music they listen to can be the drive for adrenaline and fury when needed. Clothing can range from old to new styles or a combination of the 2. Old can be seen as blue jeans and leather jackets while as the new holding on to the band T-shits or jackets to dark pants as in between light blue pants with dark colored T-shirts. Always doing there own thing most verbal conflict does not effect can usaully hold temper in and burts it all out in an effective act of compulsion and agression, often times scares the the opposer and shows of the "No Fear" attitude. Knows when and what they are Capable when they knwo they can lose a fight they will jump in anyway to show how they will not back down. Can take a beating even if they are weak. Small i numbers but can take on multiple waves of people on there own with no regards for the stakes at risk. Very protective of there friends and can and will die for them when threatened. Despises most cultures "Emo, Pop, some Metal heads dislike hardcore(for reasons of the style of mosh is 'fighting invisible ninjas' or common rivalry between the genres as hardcore kids out number the metal heads)". Open to all ideas and is very conservative on most things. Truely unique people for they can differ from most personalities ranging from hyper and agressive to calm and faint. not many in skools or even out since the musichas died since the ninities, listens to most underground music of the genre and is always looking for new bands to get there hands on and headbang to (will even show there affection for thetre music even if not listening to it and will use lil head wips to as the song is stuck in there head)
slipknot, korn, dream theater, skidrow, slayer, anthrax, Dimmu borgir, Cradle of Filth, Soulfly, Soilwork, In flames etc. (various from artist to artist as metal heads have different opinions)
by Chris Mendoza October 30, 2006
a half beaner/half nigger, full worthless piece of shit!

also called: beannig, bean-nig, bean nig, or nigga wit beans!
beaner + nigger = worthless smelly piece of shit-- er i mean beanig
by Chris Mendoza December 13, 2007

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