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Someone who has spent too much time trying to be scene , usually found dancing in circles with hand on head and wearing a bandana around their face. Girl pants are a big tip-off also. Watch for other tell-tale signs of the scene kid persona (cut marks, bad hair-cuts, bad tattoos, homosexual tendencies)
"Looking at that guy slam dancing over there, he's clearly scened out"

"Is that kid going to rob a bank with that bandana around his face or is he just a scened out gaymo?"

"That guy is trying real hard by wearing his sister's pants, he's scened out for sure"
by Chris Deinlein October 19, 2006
to control a woman by using various means
"Rick rules bitches with his sexy voice"

Man #1 - "What are you doing?"
Man #2 - "Learning to play the guitar"
Man #1 - "How come?"
Man #2 - "To rule a bitch"
by Chris Deinlein October 19, 2006

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