1 definition by Choogus Maximus

When Lechuga gets hit with a tidal wave of diarrhea and puke on a Greyhound bus. This Tsunami-like rush is usually caused by a sorority dweller's laxative intensive diet coupled with copious amounts of bad vodka. Once the laxatives meet the viscious intoxication, the sorority dweller will shit and puke all over the bus and, possibly, a Choog. To escape, a Choog will offer the bus driver $60 bucks, which the bus driver accepts. While the Choog thinks this gets him out of the situation, the bus driver hands him a mop. Choog mops, then blacks out in disgust.
Yes, for the thousandth time, bro, she shit on the bus, I paid the bus driver, I cleaned it, I blacked out. God damn Hershey Bomb.
by Choogus Maximus July 10, 2009

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