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1.) The Second best thing to do in bed alone.
2.) Maybe the First best thing to do if there was somebody else doing it with you
1.) Yea...Sleeping was fun
2.) OH YEA...Sleeping with Carly tonight
by Chingchangjj July 05, 2011
Samurai facts:

-Samurai's can outrun there shadow
-Samurai's penetrate bullets
-Samurai's can stop a train at 200 mph by poking it
-Samurai's don't sleep, they plan the next move
-Samurai's fart can enhance human beings, too bad they don't fart in society
-Samurai's can kill a human being with a blade of grass
-Samurai's eat Gold and drink Mercury
-Samurai's can catch a moving bullet with their teeth
-Samurai's only use there Katanas if there life is in danger, too bad it never happens
-Samurai's tears seal wounds
-Samurai's daily exercise includes finger stands, push ups using your nose, and stopping shurikens with two fingers
-Samurai's never stops moving
-Samurai's bench the empire state building
-Samurai's march creates earth quakes
-Samurai's war cry creates thunder and lightning
-If someone saw a Samurai's face, their eyes would burn out, and their skin would melt
-One Samurai = 200 Ninjas
-Samurai's are better than ninjas
Guy 1 - Dude, You see Takemoto over there?
Guy 2 - Yea he's a Samurai
by Chingchangjj April 16, 2011

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