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Chillicothe Ohio

A piece of shit town in Southeastern ohio where a bunch of fucking rednecks live and can't pronounce O-HI-O putting an inevitable "uh" at the end (Ohi-uh). They love incestuous relationships with their children and the whole city smells like a steaming pile of southeastern shit due to the smoke stacks that pollute the air with toxins that will deform your babies and kill off the population in no time. The mayor is involved in numerous affairs and fucks over the general population by installing red-light cameras turning the city into a speed-trap. If you don't die of the toxic nerve-gas acidic rain due to the paper mill you'll probably die of boredom, as the only thing there is to do in the city is have sex with your sister and shoot paintball guns at trailer parks.
Example of life in Chillicothe Ohio:

Person #1: Hey, wanna walk outside and sniff the air to get high?
Person #2: Sure, but not before I bang my sister.
by Chillimoemoe February 01, 2010

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