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One who supports Barack Obama and yet knows
very little or nothing about Obama the man and politician; his history, accomplishments and challenges beyond repeating Obama Camp talking points and/or slogans.

An Obamabot typically can't define, explain or defend Obama's policies. If an Obamabot is pursued or confronted about his or her seeming blind loyalty and lack of knowledge, he or she will typically launch a 'counter attack' (to a perceived attack) and accuse those who differ as racist, ignorant, hateful, etc. and/or will become resentful, indignant,
insulting, and even threatening (in cases which are most extreme).
Mary shared her concern about a recent confrontation by an Obamabot that she encountered as she silently wore another candidate's pin. The Obamabot, called Mary a "war monger" and "racist pig" though Mary gave no indication of her opinion. Mary attempted to reason with the Obamabot, but her effort was met with talking points, slogans, angry accusations and insults.
by Chi-town Thom December 01, 2008

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