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1.When One Is So Good At Every Thing He (Or She) Does, That Person Is Then Forced To Sleep With Swimmies Due To The Level Of Soak. 2. Making All In Attendence Look Awful At What Ever It Is That Is Going On. 3. When Soaked, Little Or Any Can Stop Your Mommentum. Aka: Wet, Drenched, Submerged Or Damp. Some Other Formes Of Being "Soaked" Include; Drizzeled, Sprinkled, Sweat, And Or Moist.
--------> Ant's. For The Term "Soaked" Can Be; Bone Dry, Dehydrated, Crispy, Cramped, Drought, Or Simply "NOT GOOD"
Steven Says, "Hey Jeremy I Bet You Any Thing In The World I Can Beat You In Nba Live 09" Jeremy Respones With" Steve I'm Soaked At That Game, This You Know Already. " So When You Get Out Of Your Dehydrated Drought, Then Come See Me"
by Chase Da Hoez July 14, 2009

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